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This Shot Clock can be mounted on a tripod (you will find one under Colorado Start Systems on this website). It can also be wall mounted.

Each Ultrak T-200 includes two shot clock displays and one control console. Each shot clock display, which can be wall mounted or used with a standard tripod, is 10 inches wide by 9 1/2 tall with large 4 inch digits. Time can be counted down from up to 60 seconds and includes a loud beep at zero. The shot clocks are controlled by a two-button operation console that connects to shot clock displays via standard telephone cord for easy user modification.

Shot clock display can be wall mounted or camera tripod mounted (not included)
Includes control console with two LCD displays
Shot clock display with four inch digits
Displays are 10 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches high
Countdown time can be set up to 60 seconds
Alert sound when countdown reaches zero
Two button operation
Multiple shot clock displays can be linked together
Battery operation
All wires are standard phone cables, which allows for user modification
One-year warranty

Price: $425.00 (Excluding  FL State Sales Tax at 7%)

This Tripod is highly recommended when purchasing the Shot Clock. It is a heavy duty tripod which will hold the weight and eliminate the chance breakage due to it falling off a table. Remeber, you will need one for each of the 2 Shot Clocks.

PLEASE NOTE: SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IS $25.00 and may appear differently when you print out your order form.

Price: $170.00 (Excluding  FL State Sales Tax at 7%)

Rated one of the U.S. Coaches' favorite watches. 500 lap memory. Multiple event memory, speed & frequency function. Auto split release. Dual countdown timers. Can be used with an optional printer and computer interface. Printer Price:$270.00. Computer Interface Price: $39.95. Set Price: $300.00.

Price: $69.95 (Excluding  FL State Sales Tax at 7%)

Optional Printer

Computer Interface

Water resistant. 5 year lithium battery. 5Th00 lap memory. 3 displays. Split and lap. This watch also does stroke frequency and memory recall during the operation of timing. It can also take splits during recall. It has a calendar function and time of day and date.
It is easy to operate and is one of our coaches favorite choices because of its water resistance and durability.

Price: $46.95 (Excluding  FL State Sales Tax at 7%)

Water resistant. 5 year lithium battery. 1st & 2nd fast finish. Split and lap. This is a great price for a great watch to use at the end of lanes for meets because of its so easy to use.

Price: $13.99 (Excluding  FL State Sales Tax at 7%)

Call 1-800-329-0013 or Email for large quantity or custom quotes!

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